What We Do

We are a solution provider to the metals and mining industries. It’s all about “Ore to More” and “Denatured to Nature“ by an innovative and sustainable solutions. Our productive solutions enable our customers to enrich plant productivity and moving towards Emission Null goal.

We improve performance of the upstream and downstream of plants by driving up productivity, driving down costs and minimizing emissions.

Ore to More

The earth generously provides us its limited deposit but those valuable minerals are not easy access. “Ore to More” is our core business, we offer our sustainable solutions for producing base metals as well as mineral based acids. We develop the cutting edge technologies for Plant Solution or Island Solution.

We cover all customer’s needs from feasibility study to final products as a capital based project or operational services during life cycle of the plant.

Denatu­red to Nature

Denatured to Nature is our path towards Emission Null ambition in a sustainable program.

Air and water pollution and soil contamination are direct adversely footprints of unsustainable mining and mineral processing. Emissions are unlikely vital part of mining and mineral processing, our nullifying solutions for tail gas, waste water and contaminated soils minimize the harmful effects of the mining and processing activities.

Value Chain

Our business model has been set for performing a full range of services and activities needed to create value and delivering a solution for “Ore to More” and “Denatured to Nature”.

We do not have our owned laboratory or manufacturing facilities, but we integrate the required services and activities for delivering a full engineering, procurement and construction as well as operational services for delivering a total solution to our customer.