Ore to More

The earth generously provides us its limited deposit but those valuable minerals are not easy access. “Ore to More” is our core business, we offer our sustainable solutions for producing base metals as well as mineral based acids. We develop the cutting edge technologies for plant solutions or island solutions.

We cover all customer’s needs from feasibility study to final products as a capital based project or operational services during life cycle of the plant.


Copper is produced by a sophisticated process that starts with mining of ore less than 1% of copper content and ends with high grade cathodes with purity of 99.99% copper content. High grade-low reserves copper oxide and low grade-high reserves copper sulfide are two important types of ore which undergo two different processes, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy.

We have focused our core competency on the copper beneficiation of sulfidic ore that has the major role in value chain of copper. We design economical scale poly metal beneficiation plants for producing different metal concentrate such as copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc and precious metals such as silver and gold.


Bauxite and nepheline are two most common minerals for producing alumina.

Most alumina refineries are designed based on high temperature caustic dissolution from bauxite. “Bayer Process” which consists of digestion, clarification, precipitation and evaporation units for continuous recirculation of “Green Liquor” is the basic framework in an alumina refinery which is  completed by standalone units such as steam generation, grinding, desilication, calcination, evaporation, classification, red mud treatment, residue storage, thickening, filtration and neutralization for producing smelter grade alumina.

Nepheline syenite is an alternative mineral for alumina production. The process is comprised of hydrometalorgy and pyrometallurgy fed by nepheline syenite, limestone and soda in sintering, grinding, leaching, desilication, carbonization, decomposition and calcination islands as main process area.

We cover all customer’s needs from testwork to start-up of an alumina plant.


Gold is extracted by a precise hydrometallurgy process from ore with PPM gold concentration.

Gold exists in a pure or nearly pure state on earth and rarely is combined with other elements to form complex minerals. An economical scale gold plant is dependant on performance of process plant where millions gram of ore shall be processed for producing few grams of pure gold!

We deliver a high performance process plant for extracting every gold particle form your ore. It’s a gold class service!

Mineral Acids

We focus one two important mineral acids, sulfuric acid as by product of pyrometallurgy and phosphoric acid as a downstream of the sulfuric acid plant. We create value form plant’s emission to our customers.

Sulfuric Acid

SOx , particularly sulfur dioxide is one of the most emission factor of pyrometallurgy process having a huge harmful impact on the environment and global warming. Converting SO2 as an adversely tail gas to sulfuric acid as an important industrial acid is a the efficient solution for emission management.

NIOMEX performs a wide range of services from conceptual design to start-up of sulfuric acid plant.

Phos­phoric Acid

Phosphorite or phosphate rock is the base mineral for producing phosphoric acid that could be considered as a downstream of sulfuric acid plant.

The concentration of phosphate rock is the main investment constraint in phosphoric industries. Flotation process beneficiates the concentration of phosphorite to a 30-32% P2O5 content as an economical grade.

This business line is empowered by our cooperation with the world leader of the phosporous technology. With our cooperation partners, we offer our clients an efficient and customized plant solution from phosphate section into the phosphoric acid plant and fertilizing plant.