Who We Are

About Us

NIOMEX has been established on decades of experience of our educated and trained staff. We are a company with a considerable industrial background and beneficial references. We do alongside our customers to deliver them innovative technologies, services and the best solutions for transforming the natural resources to consumable material and goods with lowest impact on environment by our cutting edge engineering services.

To be a forward-thinker and permanent learner – that is our aspiration at NIOMEX, that drives us to focus on improving our environmental friendly solutions in metal, mineral processing and tail gas projects. All together at Niomex, we dedicate our passion on a sustainable growth as well as delivering satisfaction to our beneficiaries.

NIOMEX has been structured based on two business lines, CBL for capital based business such as EPC project and OBL for operational based business such as Plant Life Cycle projects.


We are comprised of multi nations and cultures people working under flag of Germany. We want to NIOMEXimizing our reputation, power and respect by the synergy between us.

We are respoNIOMEXible for our living and business environment.

We are constantly increasing our NIOMEXibility to fulfill our commitment as well as achieving our goals. We are NIOMEXish.

Our Values


We strive to grant customers, suppliers, partners and employees to perceive satisfaction when we work with each other. Satisfaction at Niomex is a state of mind and a life choice and thus a personal pride for the contributions we make.

Committed to create Value

Many companies execute project but few companies create value for their customers and we want to be among of them.
Our value chain is comprised of performance prediction, efficiency, prioritizing quality over price, innovation, due diligence to create value for our customers that their perceived benefits need to outweigh their cost as well as achieving maximum profitability from their assets.


Our staff are the engine of what we do, whatever we produce is state of art of our people. Whether it’s a classical or a new solution, designing a plant or a system, turning a plant on for the first time or turn around an old plant, a green field or a brown field, our key assets are the distinctive competence of our people along with the know-how. Our staff and business partners empower us.


We configure our respectful foot print in the world, even a small one. The first step has always been important but suitability in the next steps is more important. The business sector we are part of that expresses our great potential in the present, while preserving resource for the next generations. In Niomex, respect for ethical values, health and safety are integral parts of technical inventiveness as a best guided by respect for people and the environment.

Business Ethic

Respect to business ethics are the foundation of a healthy business and we have an important role to play as a reliable company. We implement appropriate business policies and practices with regard to arguably controversial subjects. Good ethical behavior in our operations reflects a responsible and sustainable business practice including solid rules and morals.


We continuously strive to conduct business in a transparent way. Compliance is a way of going about business and conformity with German and international rules that permeates through everything we do and the goals that aspired to be achieved.