Dena­tured to Natu­re

Denatured to nature is our path to zero emissions in a sustainable program.

Air and water pollution and soil contamination are direct negative effects of unsustainable mining and mineral processing. Emissions are a significant factor in mining and mineral processing. Our emission control solutions for off-gases, wastewater and contaminated soil minimize the harmful impact of mining and processing activities.

Gas cleaning

The smelting section of sulfide concentrate produces sulfur dioxide as a major air pollutant emitted. The gas cleaning and separation of acidic components and other fine particles from tail gas is the first step for sulfur dioxide management by conversion SO2 to sulfuric acid or elemental sulfur.

We deliver gas cleaning plants as a Zero Emission solution for sustainable development of the mineral processing industries.


Water is the most important media in a wet cycle that shall be recycled at the end of process. We offer our island solution for removal of solid material from process water from solid material as a single solid-liquid separation or combination of different process such as thickening, filter press, centrifugation, wet classification or vaporization.