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Our commissioning support is provided through a systematic process of planning, checking, inspecting, testing, and documenting that all components and systems perform fundamentally and interactively according to the plant design and vendors recomendation. Our experienced team support you from Commissioning planning of the commissioning process, custody and control identification process, Pre-commissioning (pre-operational testing & cold commissioning), hot commissioning, wet commissioning (initial operation with fluids), primary dynamic testing and guarantee performance tests.

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The economic profitability of any mineral company is dependent on maximizing mineral recoveries while minimizing operating costs. The effectiveness of any strategy to meet this objective is dependent on first obtaining quantitative information at steady-state plant operation and then efficiently using this information to improve or optimize plant performance. Plant improvement or optimization starts with a plant audit. We offer a wide variety of plant audits that our Customers reach the high profibality of their plants.

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One of important parameter of plant productivity is excellent trained employees. Our team support our Customer's employees to reach the level as high qualified operator. We offer the courses.

  • On-Site
  • Online
Our specialists train your employees for operation through process control and system improvent as well as maintenance of all plant section.